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Celebrating Local Heroes at Museum London on April 19th.  A reading by Penn Kemp includes stories of Theresa Harris of Eldon House.  Click here for a teaser!  Visit Museum London events for more details. 

Nicoletta Michienzi is excited to join the Eldon House staff team in the brand new position of Museum Coordinator. She brings with her considerable museum expertise and has worked in a variety of heritage institutions throughout London, including Eldon House since 2015. Nicoletta is looking forward to working with staff, stakeholders, volunteers and visitors to make their experience with Eldon House a memorable one. Welcome Nicoletta!

About Eldon House Heritage Site and Gardens

Eldon House is an historic site in downtown London that has been preserved and maintained since 1960 when it was donated to the City of London. It was home to four generations of the Harris family, and is an excellent example of Georgian and Regency architectural styles. Its gardens are considered among the most beautiful in the city.


The Gardens

The Harris property originally consisted of 11 acres and a terraced walk spanned the two elevations of the site, from the house down to the flood plain. The property initially spanned along the Thames from Fullarton Street north to Central Avenue (then known as Great Market Street).