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London Hangings Part III


Sunday, October 23
1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Cost: By Donation

By Donation

This will be the concluding lecture of John Lisowski’s accounts of the 19 individuals who were hanged in London, Ontario. You will hear about Clarence Topping who shot and killed his girlfriend, Wallace Ramesbottom and Henry Quinn who shot and killed storeowner Samuel Weinstein during a robbery, Walter Rowe who unintentionally shot and killed Clare Galbraith, and finally, the story of the six “Patriots” whose unsuccessful attempt to invade Canada at Windsor on December 4, 1838, ended on the gallows. All six were hanged over a period of four weeks from January 7th to February 6th, 1839, in what retired London Crown Attorney David Arntfield has described as a “legally sanctioned killing spree”.

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