Educational Programming

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Walk into Another Time

Education programs and tours are offered all year round from Tuesday to Sunday and are 1-2 hours in duration. Programs must be booked in advance as availability is limited. Tours may take place between the hours of 9:00 and 4:00 p.m. Evening tours will be charged a premium.


Guided Tour and Programming Cost

Please review our Policies prior to your visit

Booking a Guided Tour or Program at Eldon House

To book a guided tour or program with Eldon House, please review the tours below and click the ‘Book Your Tour’ button. You can visit our Booking Calendar page directly at the below link.

Eldon House Guided Tour

Time: 1 hour

This fully guided tour provides an in depth history of Eldon House and the Harris Family who occupied the home for 125 years.

Guided Tours

The Victorian Household: Roles and Responsibilities in the 19th Century (Grade 1)

Time: 1 hour or 2 hour option (2 hour program includes hands-on activities and games).

In this interactive program, students explore the 19th century world of Eldon House, learning about the lives and responsibilities of various members of the Harris household. Students are encouraged to contrast their lives with those of the Victorian family.


Victorian Christmas: Changing Family and Community Traditions (Grade 2) REVISED!

Time: 1 hour or 2 hour option (2 hour option includes Christmas craft and hands-on learning with winter/seasonal artifacts and activities).

This program is offered during the last week of November and the first three weeks of December and is adaptable to any grade level or age group.

Students experience the sights and smells of a Victorian Christmas in this interactive program. Learning about the development of Christmas traditions, students are encouraged to contrast the multi-cultural celebrations of today with those of the Victorian Harris Family.


Early Settler Communities: London in 1780-1850 (Grade 3) REVISED!

Time: This 2 hour program includes a tour of Eldon House and interaction with hands on artifacts in our Interpretive Centre.

Focusing on Eldon House and its historic neighbourhood, this program contrasts the features of rural and urban development. A large collection of artifacts of earlier days makes this a fun and interactive experience for students.

Early Settlers

Travelling the World: Discovering Early Societies (Grade 4)

Time: This 2 hour program includes a tour of Eldon House and interaction with hands on artifacts in our Interpretive Centre.

Students learn about the travels of the Harris family to Japan, China, India, Egypt and other parts of Africa in this multi-cultural program. A rich collection of artifacts representing diverse parts of the world provides an opportunity for exploration and discussion.

Travelling the World

Old London Walk: Our Community From Past to Present (Grade 6) NEW!

Time: This 2 hour program includes a walking tour as well as hands on activities in historic Eldon House. Alternative activities available if weather is inclement.

Students will learn about the development of early London and life along the Thames River for First Nations, as well as British and European settlers. By exploring river patterns and changing architecture, students will discover how London today compares and contrasts to the past.


Rebels and Redcoats: Conflicts and Challenges (Grade 7/8) REVISED!

Time: This 2 hour program includes a tour of Eldon House and an in-depth discussion with active participation.

Students will learn about the involvement of London and region in the Rebellion of 1837. The causes of the Rebellion and its impact on a local community and Harris family, are explored through a variety of historical sources, including artifacts, artwork and contemporary text.


Eldon House: The Homefront in WWI (Grade 9/10) NEW!

Time: This 90 minute tour includes a tour of Eldon House as well as student-directed activities supported by information on five distinct themes.

Students learn about the homefront during the Great War and the Harris family involvement in the military. This program features artifacts from the War and a focus on the hardships experienced by women and families on the homefront.


From the Victorian to the Modern: Canadian History since WWI (Grade 10)

Time: This 90 minute tour includes a tour of Eldon House and interaction with hands on artifacts.

This program focuses on the history of Eldon House and the Harris Family in the 20th century. The involvement of the Harris Family in the First World War, technological change in the 1920s and 1930s, and the impact of immigration, are explored through a series of artifacts and archival materials. The large forces of history in the 20th century are personalized through the experienc- es of London’s Harris family.


Art Tour: The Eldon House Collection (Secondary and Adult) NEW!

Time: 1 hour or 2 hour option (2 hour option includes extended house tour with additional focus on the Harris family as well as artworks, crafts and furniture)

Students receive an in depth tour of Eldon House artworks, including early London paintings by local artists and military artists, as well as English paintings, international crafts and pieces from the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau period.


Harris Neighbourhood Walk

Time: 1 hour or 2 hour option

Students explore the historic community in the vicinity of Eldon House, passing significant buildings and areas from the 19th century. Discover what life was like for families, the military, churches and government officials.


River Adventure Walk

Time: 1 hour or 2 hour option

Students experience the historic neighborhood as known by the Harris family. They explore interesting architecture, river patterns and land uses, and discuss historic events such as the Great Flood. This interactive walking tour circles the Thames River crossing at Blackfriars Bridge. There will be time for sketching and journaling.


Museum School

Time: 4 days

Eldon House provides an authentic setting for your class to learn about Victorian life. Eldon House offers up to five half-day programs of your choice relating to curriculum goals in social studies, art, language, drama, and math in a week filled with quality and interactive education. The lives of the Harris family provide opportunities to understand the development of Upper Canada, world influences and social history in the 19th Century. Teachers have access to Eldon House resources and classroom facilities as well as Harris Park and surrounding downtown London. Dates available by request. For more information on how your class can participate in the Museum School program, contact Ryan Hunt, Education Coordinator, London Arts Council/London Heritage Council,

Muesem School

ESL and Custom Tours NEW!

Time: 1 hour or 2 hour option

Eldon House offers custom education tours for varying levels and interests including furniture, gardens, architecture and much more. Just ask us how we can customize your tour!

ESL and Custom Tours

Behind the Ropes Tour (Adult) EXCLUSIVE!

Time: This 2 hour tour is an exclusive tour with limited space available.

Explore rarely seen sections of Eldon House and its carriage house to discover an astonishing variety of curiosities that will amaze and delight. Participants will be guided through “nooks and crannies” including attics and cellars by an expert Historical Interpreter. Refreshments will be served after the tour.